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prent ready PDF with bleed

Bleed: Part of the art that exceeds the final trim size of the product. This is important if your art is supposed to print “edge to edge”. Please make bleeds a minimum of 1/8” over each edge of the final trimmed product. Not including bleeds in your PDF files can result in a white border showing when the product is trimmed to the final size.

Trim or Trim Size: The final cut size of the product.

Safe Zone: The Safe Zone is 1/8” inside the trim size of the product. Important text should not be placed outside the safe zone.

Margin: The space between either your bleed and trim lines, or your trim and safe zone lines.

prent ready PDF with bleed

CMYK: Please make sure your artwork is converted to CMYK and not RGB. This will provide you with a more accurate color rendition when proofing.
Please note, files that are submitted in RGB format will be converted to CMYK, which may shift the color slightly.

File Size: Please add 1/8”(.125) extra for bleed area, if you are printing edge to edge. Example: If you are printing a standard size business card (3.5” x 2”) that has a background color or image, your final file size will be 3.625” x 2.125”. See diagram above for more details.

Fonts: Please make sure all fonts are embedded into the PDF file, as failure to do so could result in fonts being replaced and text re-flow occurring.

prent ready PDF with bleed

File Format: Please upload files in a flattened, Press Quality PDF (portable document format) format.

prent ready PDF with bleed

Resolution: Files should be a minimum of 300 DPI to ensure the best image quality. NOTE: If files are pulled from the internet at 72 dpi, image resolution will be to low for print. Low resolution images will appear blurry when printed.


Since Starline’s founding in 1957 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we have been building our reputation as a leader in the printing industry. We have a strong tradition of making technological advances ahead of our competitors including the only heat set web press in New Mexico, three Heidelberg sheet-fed presses and two digital press. Our goal in making these technological leaps is to provide our clients with the best in quality, delivered with efficient, courteous and knowledgeable service.

Green Initiative

Starline Printing Company has taken a leadership position in the growing trend toward more environmentally responsible print production. We have developed a credible, well-managed, responsible, high-value program for ensuring your printed materials meet the highest environmental standards. We have developed systems and supplier relationships that enable us to provide alternatives to chlorine-compound-processed papers and 100% petroleum-based inks.

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